Meet The Manufacturer – Nature Clean

Meet The Manufacturer – Nature Clean

This is a truly remarkable love story from one of our local manufacturers – Nature Clean.



Frank T. Ross, founder of Nature Clean, started making healthy alternatives to chemical cleaning products in the 1960’s when his wife, Genevieve Ross, started having allergic reactions to conventional dish detergents and shampoos.  After receiving positive feedback from friends and family who had also tried their products, they launched the Nature Clean brand.  The Nature Clean line has been available for almost 50 years – they are the true pioneers of safe, eco-friendly cleaning and personal care products – and the staff at Nature Clean still tests new products.  The Nature Clean brand offers high quality formulas,  third party testing for biodegradability, full disclosure of ingredients, and safe, non-toxic products.

No allergens, phosphates, dyes or perfume are used in Nature Clean’s natural cleaners. They offer a full line of green household cleaning products for every task at hand.  When you use their products for cleaning your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or bedroom this line of eco-friendly cleaners will keep your family safe and your home healthy and clean.

Nature Clean’s environmental commitment doesn’t stop at their cleaning products.  Their bottles are BPA-free, their office is powered by renewable energy (Bullfrog Power), their products are third-party certified through the Environment Canada Ecologo program, and all products third-party tested for biodegradability.  The Nature Clean line holds itself to the highest standard to fulfill their credo:  Love your Family, Love your Health, Love your Planet.

Grassroots has carried the Nature Clean line since opening our stores in 1994.  “I am proud to have an 18-year relationship with the  folks at Nature Clean”, says Rob Grand, owner of Grassroots.  “It is one of our most popular brands and I am happy to support a company that puts the health of our families and the health of our environment first.  In today’s world of greenwashing and questionable claims, it is refreshing to work with a company with integrity, a company that has stayed true to its’ natural roots for 50 years”, adds Rob.

Nature Clean always ensures that the ingredients used are not listed with the National Toxicology Program (NTP), International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American Conference of Government Industrial Hygenists (ACGIC). Learn more about Nature Clean’s labelling policy here.

This month, Grassroots is offering Green Cleaning Kits tailored to suit any household cleaning purpose. We have a kit for your Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry, Outdoor and even a General and a DIY Cleaning Kit for a fully green and healthy spring cleanin! Visit our site to see more.

Watch this video to learn more about Nature Clean products:

(Watch more videos at Nature Clean’s Youtube Channel).

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2 thoughts on “Meet The Manufacturer – Nature Clean

  1. I have bought your nature clean dishwasher tablets twice now and I wish I hadn’t bought them the second time as I was not happy with them the first time. The products seemed to leave a film on dishes and I had to repeatedly use vinegar to eliminate the film. It seems this product is not as good as Ecover or Biovert. I have used your laundry detergent and it was fine. Thought I should let you know Judy Clifford

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