Grassroots Welcomes Sweet Leaf Bath Co.






Grassroots proudly presents the story of our newest surprise, Rose and Stacey and Sweet Leaf Bath Company!

Tell us a bit about Sweet Leaf Bath Co.

Sweet Leaf Bath Company was born in the fall of 2007 out of a desire to create something that was pure and nourishing, something that was good not only for your skin, but for the planet as well. Our products are handcrafted by myself and my mother Rose, using pure,  organic and fair trade certified ingredients.
We began in my mom’s kitchen, making soap for family and friends and slowly it started to grow into so much more. For me it was a natural progression, I have an aromatherapy background and have always loved the way essential oils have such a powerful effect on mind, body and spirit. For my mom, always looking for the next adventure, this was a new path for her to explore having recently retired from a 35 year career in sales.
Sweet Leaf Bath Company is licensed by TransFair Canada, allowing us the opportunity to help create a sustainable future for men, women and children in the developing world. We take pride in our ingredients because we know that what goes on our bodies, also  goes into it. This is why you will never find petroleum based ingredients, sulfates or detergents, synthetic preservatives, colours or fragrances.
Pure and simple, kind to the world and your skin…it’s not just our tag line, it’s our mantra!

What was your motivation to start manufacturing natural skin care / personal care products?

Like most new mothers, I was reading labels more, and becoming increasingly aware of the amount of synthetic and harmful ingredients lurking behind every shampoo and soap label. My mom will tell you that making soap was my idea but honestly, I think the idea found us.

In the beginning we were sourcing out organic ingredients and that was the direction we were heading. It was through researching raw ingredients that we found fair trade (or like I said, it found us!) Realizing that how we purchased could have an effect on someone’s quality of life…our passion for fair trade was born.

I believe it’s our responsibility to teach our children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces that the products they use, the purchases they make can have lasting effects on the planet. That taking a few minutes to read a label and to educate yourself on what you are consuming, putting on your skin, pouring down the drain will allow you the opportunity to make informed choices.

Allow you to decide how you want your world to be in the years to come. Our motivation…it might seem naive…but it’s simple…we want to make the world a better place.

Shop Sweet Leaf Bath Co. products here.

What is your vision in creating an eco-friendly product?

To my mom and I, eco-friendly is not just about organic, or fair trade, or the absence of petroleum in a product. It’s about the women working in the hot sun in Burkina Faso preparing the Shea Butter. It’s about the route it travelled to our little soap studio from West Africa. The way it’s poured into a compostable eco jar and makes it’s way to your store shelf. Eco-friendly is multi-faceted and so much more. We will continue to find new and responsible ways to source, handcraft and supply our line. What we choose to consume today, directly impacts how we – and future generations will live tomorrow.

What do you like the most about living in Ontario?

Everything! Sense of community, the cultural diversity, taking a drive in any direction on a Sunday afternoon and finding a tiny new town with amazing character. But I must admit my favorite part of living in Ontario is being only hours away from the Haliburton Highlands. As a child, we spent a week of every season up North, moose spotting in the spring, hiking in the fall, cross country skiing in the winter and swimming in the lake during the summer. My mom passed her love of the North to my brother and I and now my boys  are discovering their own love of Muskoka and I couldn’t be happier.

What do you dream about? Any future plans?

We hope to continue to grow, to learn and to create. We would love to visit each of the co-ops we purchase our raw ingredients from and meet the amazing producers and hear their stories. As for future plans, we’re working on a recipe for liquid soap in the studio right now and we have a few more exciting ideas on the go.

Right now, we are happy with the path we’re on and look forward to seeing where it takes us!

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