Winterlicious or Winterrible? Green Ideas for Winter

If you can’t beat it, join it!

Snow, ice, and everything nice. We get packed in fluffy white flakes every year, and you either grow weary of shoveling snow or you embrace it and explore what winter has to offer, outdoors and indoors. Grassroots collected a few ideas to endure the whiteout whether you like to build a snowman or rather cozy up by the fireplace.

Ol’ fashioned crafts workshops

There are abundant spots in Toronto to unleash your creativity. Grassroots offers green lifestyle workshops on mixing natural make up, or creating natural oils and rubs for your baby. Check out Handwork Studio’s felting and painting classes and the enameling classes at Torched studio. If you are looking for workshop extravaganza, make your own recycled bracelets from tire tubes at the Beadle store.

That’s ok, but what do I do with the kids?

Don’t worry, Operation Sock Monkey got you covered. Wise daughters has a great selection of exciting classes, and they offer workshops for children as well. Making your own Jazzy Journal Jackets will provide family fun for hours while outside flurries envelope the city in a white blanket.

Is there a baby in the family? Why don’t you learn how to knit at Lettuce Knit and surprise the parents with a cute hat for the newborn.

Family weekend

Make these super-fun homemade lotion bars. Grab a couple of cute molds and get the kids involved in the making – they will love to use them for baths!

Outdoors Winter Activities

Looking for new ideas to enjoy winter?  Let’s explore forest trails the unusual way – by skating on them! These trails have recently been set up by parks eager to attract crowds back to nature. Check out this trail in Huntsville – we have it on our bucket list for this winter!

The city also offers a couple interesting places. Try Colonel Samuel Smith Park for a cool looping ice rink experience. You can also visit Evergreen Brick Works’ ice rink and get a 2 for 1 deal on skate rentals with the Live Green Toronto Membership Card.

If you don’t have anyone to go with, there are meetup groups who welcome outdoor enthusiasts.


Winter months are scarce in available fruits and vegetables. ‘Tis NOT the season of almost anything, and produce travels thousands of kilometres to get to your store, creating a massive footprint on those bites of Vitamin-C. Visit your local farmer’s market or sign up for weekly produce baskets online from a local company that delivers organic goodness to your doorstep. Green Earth Organics and Wanigan are just a couple of them, with excellent service and customization options for your “harvest bins”. Local Food Plus provides a fantastic guide to find retailers that carry local food.

If you think local vegetables are a dull bunch, we dare you to check out these recommendations on how to make winter veggies awesome with a few tricks!

Love desserts?  Fire up the oven and make your own homemade apple sauce! Use locally grown organic apples. While applesauce is a staple for vegan baking, it’s also a simple and delicious addition to many breakfasts: with yogurt and/or granola, on pancakes or waffles, or warm in a bowl on its own. Roasting the apple amps up the flavour – and gives your house an incredible smell in the making! Alternatively, have your family or friends around to help you with filling it into muffins – a warm and delicious treat.

Got flu?

Are you looking for natural remedies for cold, flu, cough or all the above? Read on for either preventing or treating them naturally. Grab our Sinus Vapor Balm to ease the discomfort of colds and allergies, made with a complex blend of nine essential oils. Curl up and read by candlelight , covered by a cozy throw sipping on wildharvested, organic teas from your favorite mug.

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