Introducing Priya from Priya Means Love!

Video – Meet the manufacturer: Priya Means Love

We are quite delighted to have local botanical personal care manufacturer “Priya Means Love” as one of our partners. When she came to Grassroots and introduced her organic, all-natural handcrafted beauty care products, our faces were similar to the first line of a Justin Bieber concert – all in awe, we started using her products right away. The all-natural lip balm, bug repellent, mint drops, hair texturizer – all proved fun to use and effective to the fullest. Ever since we have experienced an increased interest and will be presenting more from her in the near future.

Priya is an academic who just had enough of getting allergic reactions to all the chemicals in body care products that she used daily. She¬†only uses organic, natural ingredients and is so committed that even all her labels are handwritten (!)… Previously a local artisan working out of Toronto, Ontario; Priya, as of the year 2013, has moved and continues her lovely line out of her home in Baltimore, Maryland.

We thought it would be great to have herself tell you about her fantastic personal care line herself, so here it is: meet Priya!

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